Guava for Financial Institutions

With Guava's platform, financial institutions gain insights into the preferences of small business customers, enabling them to serve black & brown entrepreneurs more effectively.

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Attract new customers in the fastest growing segment
Financial institutions now have the opportunity to meaningly engage with black and brown small businesses, unlocking doors to a wealth of opportunities for mutual growth and success.


What Financial Institutions get with Guava

Culturally competent education
Access resources that reshape financial services to foster understanding and respect, facilitating long-term gains.
Business level insights
Enhances your understanding of how small business customers discover and interact with your institution with Guava's robust community & platform.
Increase customer retention
Foster stronger connections with your customers. Guava’s community platform keeps your growth-minded customers engaged, satisfied, and loyal.
Increase Conversions
By tapping into the broader Guava community, your institution gains invaluable resources to attract and engage target customers and redefine your product conversion strategy.
Show your commitment
Teaming up with Guava demonstrates your unwavering dedication to your customers' goals and solidifies your organization's commitment year-round.
Earn CRA credit
Better support community revitalization by fostering strategic and authentic connections while unlocking genuine opportunities that extend far beyond traditional marketing efforts.

Looking to partner with Guava?

Through collaboration with Guava, financial institutions can extend their reach to underserved businesses on a large scale, ensuring equitable access to resources across the small and midsize business sector.